Richard Gelernter


After six years of intensive study in the ateliers of leading bay Area artists, followed by recognition in a national competition, Richard Gelernter embarked upon his career as a portraitist in 1991. Over the years his clients have included members of Congress, corporate leaders, Bay Area socialites, and owners of fine horses and prize winning show dogs. Toward the beginning of his career, he sold a painting of an outdoor white rose to Senator Dianne Feinstein. His “Floral Portraits”, often painted from the client’s own garden or favorite variety, are now hanging around the U.S., and in Europe and Japan.

Recently, while continuing to paint portraits and experiment in the abstract, Gelernter returned to his roots as a dedicated classical realist, and has embarked on a comprehensive series of still-life and outdoor scenes.

"I compare my version of the artist’s profession to that of the classical musician. My mission is to embrace an inspired composition (a face, a flower, a string of pearls), render it with accuracy through my special expertise, and deliver a creative statement that will satisfy viewers for generations to come"

     1971 B.A. in Sociology, Syracuse University, Syracuse, N.Y
     1985-1988 School of the Marin Art Guild, Belvedere, CA
     1987-1991 Private portrait and figure studies with Douglas Restivo, Oakland, CA
     1988 Figure studio at Laney College, Oakland, CA
     1987-1991 1987-1991 Oil Painting Atelier of David Hardy, Oakland, CA
     1992 "A Room with Two Views", Stanwood Gallery, San Francisco, CA


Hon. Donna Hutchins, San Francisco, CA

Senator Dianne Feinstein, Washington DC

Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher

Dr. J.S. Studley, former president, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs,NY

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Eiler, Ann Arbor, MI

Mrs. Terrence Flynn, Larkspur, CA

Lauren Hoover Gordon, San Francisco, CA

Claudio Laddo, Munich, Germany

Forrest Leonard, San Francisco, CA

Benjamin Luikart, San Francisco, CA

Heather Van Swearington, Tiburon, CA

Hon. Bella Abzug, New York, NY

Paul Delorey, Appleton, WI

Dan Leslie Bowden (for the Ransom-Everglades School), Miami, FL

Jill Eickenberry (Mrs. Michael Tucker), Mill Valley, CA

Rene Verdon (Chef at the Kennedy White House), San Francisco, CA

Mr. and Mrs. Keisho Maetoni, Wakayama., Japan

Katherine Tauscher (for Congresswoman Ellen Taucher), WA DC

Josephine Montoya, Pebble Beach, CA

Mrs. William Steele, San Francisco, CA

Pres. Jamiene Studley (for Skidmore College), Saratoga Springs, NY


Senator Dianne Feinstein, Washington, D.C.

M. and Mdm. Rene Verdon, San Francisco, CA

Mr. William and Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher, Washington, D.C.

The Bowden Livrary, Ransom/Everglades School, Miami, FL

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hochburg, Philadelphia, PA

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Sternburg, New York, NY

Mr. and Mrs.Keisho Maetoni, Wakayama, Japan

Mr. and Mrs. David McElhatton, Pebble Beach, CA

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Eiler, Ann Arbor, MI